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Waves help to sculpt a unique and dynamic mosaic of a coast line, gentle and calming flows that can quickly become rough and stormy, 

forever changing and evolving the coastline. 

Like the waves, the dynamics that take place throughout our lives, also come with challenges and adversities that help to sculpt us into our own Uniqueness.

               " When we take the time to listen to ourselves, we can then begin to Heal." 

                                                                                                                        - Kimberley     



Counselling for Individuals

 Counselling is meeting you where you are at in the moment of your life. It is built on a trusting and collaborative relationship where you are accepted and respected.  People come to therapy for a variety of reasons such as a life changing event, anxiety and stress, feelings of depression and isolation, and any life transition are among some of the many difficulties that may be keeping you from moving forward in your life. 

In the therapeutic relationship, you take on an active role to help me to learn and understand about you and the issues you would like to improve, resolve, and or change.  The counselling process examines the behaviors, thoughts and feelings that are causing difficulties in your life.  You will learn new skills and effective ways that help you to build upon your personal strengths.  Together, we develop a plan and establish specific goals to help you to move towards potential solutions.  Ultimately, empowering you to take control of making decisions and changes in your life. 

I look forward to helping guide you as you realize through conversation and self-reflection, that your story holds the 

potential to your healing.

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